List of Forms under the Foreign Exchange Management Act

List of Forms under the Foreign Exchange Management Act

List of Forms under the Foreign Exchange Management Act

Software Export Declaration (SOFTEX) Form (original/duplicate/triplicate)
For Printing EDF/SOFTEX Form No Click Here
Form RMC – F
Statement showing details of remittances effected towards import in respect of which documentary evidence has not been received despite reminders
Currency Declaration Form
Application for drawal of Foreign Exchange
Return to be filed by an Indian company who has arranged issue of GDR/ADR
Application for remittance of legacies, bequests or inheritances to beneficiaries resident outside India
Application cum Declaration for Purchase of Foreign Exchange under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme of USD 250,000
Reporting of loan agreement details under Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999
Stat of Exposure of Corporates in foreign currency
FLM8 for FFMCs
FLM8 for ADs Cat II
Remittances received under MTSS Statement Qtly
Reports by ADs CatII
Stat of Fcy written off by FFMCs and ADs CatII
Stat of Import export turnover
Stat of Individual purchase transactions above USD 10000 for FFMCs and ADs CatII
Stat of Summation of Fcy accounts FFMCs and ADs CatII
Statement A.RDA
Statement B.RDA
Statement C.RDA
Statement D.RDA
Statement E.RDA
Contact Information Form for creation of User id-EDPMS
Export Declaration Form
Annual return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets
Declaration of immovable property acquired in India by a person resident outside India who has established in India a branch, office or other place of business, excluding a liaison office
Form Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
Form 83 – Reporting of ECB loan agreement details
Quarterly Statement – Statement of Guarantees/ Letter of undertaking/ Letter of Comfort issued by Authorized Dealer banks for Trade Credits
Quarterly Statement – Details of Guarantees availed of from non-residents for fund and non-fund based facilities and details of guarantees invoked
TC – Approvals of Trade Credit
Reporting of actual transactions of External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)
Application for raising External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) under Approval Route
Direct Investment in a Joint Venture (JV)/Wholly Owned Subsidiary Overseas (WOS) Approval/Reporting of Outward Remittances
Reporting of Outward Remittances under ESOP
Format for Letter of Comfort for LO/BO
Format of report to DG of Police for LO/BO/PO
Annual Activity Certificate for LO/BO
Application for obtaining permission to enter into Rupee / Foreign Currency Drawing Arrangements with Exchange Houses
Return to be filed by Issuer/Transferor who has arranged issue/transfer of Depository Receipts
Concepts & Definitions to be used while filling-in the Annual Return on Foreign Liabilities and Assets
Advance Reporting & KYC Form
Compounding Application Form and related document requirements


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