Empanelment of Members to act as Observers May/June 2024

Empanelment of Members to act as Observers May/June 2024


It is proposed to empanel members to act as Observers for the forthcoming MAY/JUNE -2024 Chartered
Accountants Examinations scheduled as under:

Intermediate, Final and PQC Examsfrom 2nd MAY to 13th MAY 2024
Foundation Exams20th, 22nd, 24th and 26th JUNE 2024

It is pertinent to mention that General Election to 18th Lok Sabha are scheduled to be held in 2024, notification for which is awaited. Accordingly, the Examination Committee may reschedule May 2024 CA Examination, if the dates of General Election coincide with the present Examination Schedule.

Kindly note that, The Examination Committee in its 648th Meeting held on 8th and 9th January 2024 among others has decided that there should be a cooling off period for one attempt after three (3) consecutive attempts for Observership duties. The same be applicable w.e.f. May 2024 with retrospective details.

Eligibility criteria for empanelment:
Members who fulfill the following criteria are eligible for empanelment, to act as Observers.

i) He/she should not be more than 65 years of age as on the date of empanelment, i.e.15th February, 2024.
ii) His/her name should have been borne on the Register of Members as on 1st November 2021 and continues to be so;
iii) Neither he/she nor his/her relatives* or dependant* is / will be appearing in the ensuing Chartered Accountants Examinations for students / Post – Qualification Course Examinations in MAY/JUNE 2024 in any examination centres in India or Abroad. However, applying or appearance in ISA – AT will not be considered a disability for observership for CA Examinations.
[* the term “relative” or “dependant” for the purpose shall include, in relation to an individual, the wife, husband, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, granddaughter, brother, brother’s wife, brother’s son, brother’s daughter, sister, sister’s husband, sister’s son, sister’s daughter, wife’s brother, wife’s sister and husband’s brother and husband’s sister]
iv) He/she is not coaching students for any of the examinations / test conducted by the Council of the Institute in any institutions / organization including Regional Councils / Branches of the Institute and also private coaching.
v) He/she has not been convicted by any court of Law and no disciplinary proceedings are pending against him/her, either by the ICAI / Disciplinary Directorate or by any other organization, both in India or abroad.
vi) He/she is not associated with the Institute as an elected/co-opted member of the Council / Regional Council / Managing Committee of any Branch of the ICAI.
vii) He/she shall abide by the Guidelines for Observer and / or any other instructions.
viii) He/she is not a covid patient / or having symptoms of the Covid and will not take any assignment of Observer’s duty if detected on duty dates.

Applications by any other mode will not be entertained. The activity schedule of the portal is as under:

Opening of the window for empanelment15th February 2024 (Thursday)
Closing of the window for empanelment5th March 2024 (Tuesday)
Hosting of the details of Self Selection of observer assignmentsThird week of April 2024 (Tentative)

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